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Personality Profiles: DISC

October 8, 2017

Eight years ago, my husband and I sat in our pastor's office for premarital counseling. We had been friends since middle school and knew pretty much everything there was to know about each other. Nevertheless, our pastor had us complete a personality profile. He looked at my results, turned to my husband and asked, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

For the record - eight years and three kids later, we are still happily married. 


I love personality profiles. They remind me that we were all created by an intentional God, each with unique qualities and gifts, on purpose and for a purpose.


They help us understand ourselves better. We start to understand the way we are wired, our strengths and our weaknesses.


They also help us understand those around us. They remind us that other people aren't all wired the same way we are, and that we all bring unique and valuable perspectives to every situation. 


Profiles like these can be invaluable for leaders seeking to better understand their team. 


It's easy to assume that everyone on our team processes information the way we do or that they see situations through the same lens. That is simply not the case. We must take the time to learn how our team members our wired so that we can learn to speak their language. This not only helps you as a leader, but it also helps your team work together as they begin to recognize each other's unique gifts.


There are many tools to use for these types of assessments, but this is the one we used in premarital counseling. 



As you can probably guess, my personality is in that D category. It can make me a good leader, but if I had a team filled with people like me? The team would be a MESS. 


Each of us brings something valuable to the table. My "S" teammates balance me out. My "I" teammates reenergize me. My "C" teammates keep me grounded. See what I mean?


You can take the DISC assessment online here:  https://www.123test.com/disc-personality-test/


Remember, there is no "right" or "wrong" answer. Each quadrant  has its own positives and negatives. We all have strengths and weaknesses. It's being aware of those traits that allow us to adjust accordingly. Take some time this week to go through this assessment with your team. You might be surprised at what you learn about yourself and those around you! 


Have you take the DISC assessment? Which type matches your personality? How has this assessment helped you better undertand your team? 


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