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October 22, 2019

October 22, 2019

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A Happy Discovery

April 10, 2019

About ten years ago, I began blogging about my upcoming wedding. I chose an appropriate title for that wedding planning preparation - August15Bride. Can you guess our wedding date? 


I began to fall in love with blogging. I wrote about tiny wedding details that would cause my future husband to roll his eyes. I began to build an online community of friends and supporters who gave input and feedback. 



After our wedding, I changed the name of the blog to The Wannabe Athlete. I had made a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and began chronicling that journey online. I wrote about everything, big and small, and loved that daily habit of writing. Again, a community began to grow and I shared incredible experiences with some of the friends I met through blogging. 


Then I became a mom. I had three children in five years, moved back to my hometown, and stepped into a new role as the executive director of a nonprofit organization. Life seemed to move at the speed of light. Blogging fell off my radar - and unfortunately my blog did too. In the midst of the chaos of life, I neglected to pay for my blog's hosting. By the time I realized it, my blog had been deleted - permanently. All of those posts, all of those photos, all of those memories. Gone. I couldn't decide if I should cry or have an anxiety attack - or both. I honestly couldn't think about it too much because it just broke my heart. 


Well, last night I made a happy discovery. Before I moved my blog to its own hosting, I had published it on a free Wordpress site. Lo and behold - that part of the blog is still accessible! My husband and I stayed up entirely too late last night reading through old posts. So much has changed over the past eight years! We have also aged a LOT. It reminds me of how much presidents age during their tenure in the White House. Apparently having three children in five years has the same effect! 

Reading through the old posts not only reminded me of some wonderful times, it also reminded me how much I enjoyed blogging. And so, here we are. I'm blogging again. It may not be eloquent and it may not be fancy - but quite frankly, neither were those posts. But it was fun. And it fed my soul. And it created some great relationships. 


So I'm back. Good to see you again. 





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