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Just For the Fun of It

April 23, 2019

When is the last time you did something just for the fun of it?


Not because it moved you toward your career goal. Not because you felt like you "should" do it. Not because you had an obligation to fulfill. 


When is the last time you did something simply for the joy of doing it? 


When I watch my children play, I recognize a skill that we seem to lose as we grow older - the ability to simply play for the sake of playing. In our society, it often seems we have turned every hobby, every pastime, into a means to an end. 


You love crafting? Turn it into a side hustle!
You love writing? Monetize a blog!
You love painting? Sell your artwork on Etsy!


But what about simply playing without an end goal in mind? 


I've watched my dad incorporate this into his life with his favorite pastime - sailing. He isn't trying to join the national sailing team. He isn't honing his skills to compete in bigger races. He simply goes sailing because he loves to sail. There is no end game, no grander goal than simply enjoying time on the water. 



Maybe this isn't a challenge for you. Maybe it's easy for you to incorporate "play" into your day. But as someone who is driven by achievement, productivity, and efficiency, it is difficult for me to remember to take time to play. To give myself permission to "waste time" doing something I enjoy. 


What is that thing you enjoy doing that you haven't picked up in a while? Maybe it's a cross stich hoop or a skein of yarn. Maybe it's that guitar or violin that's gathering dust in the corner. Maybe it's a tennis racket or a paintbrush.


Or what is that thing you've always wanted to try? Maybe it's taking a pottery class, or signing yourself up for cello lessons - not because you want to sell your creations at the next craft fair or because you have aspirations to join the local symphony. Maybe you'll be terrible at that thing you try - but maybe that's okay. 


Maybe it's time to pick up an old pastime or try a new one, to give yourself permission to spend time doing something you enjoy just for the sake of doing it. To do something "just for the fun of it." What is or what will be that thing for you? 



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